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Nonwoven bag is a good product

Plastic bags are made from PTE not toxic additives added to make plastic bags, flexible length was extremely toxic. These additives will have side effects when exposed to different substances and it's hard to know where deadly. The plastic bags dyed blue, red, if prepared food containers will be toxic to the food they contain metals such as lead, cadmium causes damage to the brain and is a major cause of cancer. Instead we can use non-woven bags below that our company is producing. just clean, environmental protection, but the trendy ......
As one type of environmentally friendly products, non-toxic, antibacterial, good ventilation, high elasticity; As one of the new product's packaging industry has been in common use today. Packaging Non-woven fabrics with beautiful forms, striking colors suitable for brand advertising, the new product launch phase, gifts, promotional products, conferences, ...Our products include promotional bags, conference bags, food bags, mini bags, gift bags, fashion bagsThe other handy bags: filing, case goods products for the industry, ... meet the specificationsIn particular, we also design packaging Free samples at the request of customers.Use a new package for the development of your company and products consistent trend of protecting our environment green. We are honored to contribute to building the brand and make a difference compared to other products with other products by providing non-woven packaging.
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